Bella’s Diary: Bean’s Birthday
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Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the best day ever!

As you know, I’ve spent weeks trying to figure out what to get Bean for his birthday. Bean’s gift had to be super special, because he’s a really great friend. It’s all I could write about! 

Finally, the night before his birthday, it hit me! At 2:04 am, to be exact. I woke from a dead sleep with the perfect idea: the Amazing Pickle! That’s Bean’s all-time favorite hero. I laughed to myself, thinking that he was probably up at that very moment reading his comics.

So the Amazing Pickle. But what? Bean already has all of the action figures. Then it dawned on me – what if I made an Amazing Pickle?

I got up super early to start on my plan. First I made a drawing. Then I thought about all the parts I would need.

Right away, I remembered the red shawl Miss Tots wore for Halloween last year when she was Little Red Riding Hood. It would make a perfect cape!

Then I thought about that old belt that Mr. Zooks used to wear. It kind of reminded me of the Amazing Pickle the last time I saw it, but that was months ago. Maybe he still had it? I would have to ask.

But what could I use to make the body? I thought and thought. Finally, I remembered Mrs. Berg had giant balloons at her May Day party. Did I dare hope she had a green one left over?

Once I made my plan, I had some work to do.  It took forever to track everything down! But I was very lucky. Everyone agreed to loan me their things. 

The only problem was, everywhere I went, Bean was there too! I felt a little bad because I know he wanted to play, but I had so much to do to get ready.

At last, it was time to reveal my big surprise. I think Bean was a little mad at me because I’d been avoiding him all day, but you should have seen his face when he pulled off the sheet and saw the bigger-than-lifesize Amazing Pickle I’d made! I’ve never seen him smile so much!

It was definitely an awesome birthday surprise.

‘Til next time!


Read more about Bean’s special day in our fourth book, Bean Has a Birthday.

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