Interview with Chloe Pink
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In this series, Bean interviews his friends from other popular children’s books. If you have a suggestion for a character you’d like Bean to interview, let us know in the comments!

Bean: Hi Chloe Pink! It’s very nice to meet you. Tell me a little bit about yourself!

Chloe Pink: Hi Bean. It’s nice to meet you, too. I’m a seven year old girl who follows my dreams in my pink hat every day and encourages each and every girl to do the same. That’s why I always say, “dream it, do it, be happy!”

Bean: That’s really good advice! I heard you have a dog named Pete. What’s your favorite thing about Pete?

Chloe Pink: Pete is my BFF, because he is with me no matter where I go. He supports me every step of the way as I follow my dreams. I also love Pete’s curly tail, soft fur and ears that go up and down when I talk to him. I wish for every girl to have a friend like Pete.

Bean: Wow, Pete sounds really great! My favorite thing to do on a sunny day is to have an adventure in the garden! What do you and Pete like to do?

Chloe Pink: Pete and I love to play in the dirt, too, Bean! But our favorite thing is to sit and chat at a cafe in Paris while sipping lattes and eating croissants.

Bean: Yummy! I think it’s important to be curious and try new things. What’s the last new thing you tried? Did you like it?

Chloe Pink: Pete and I just got back from the beach where we took surfing lessons from a jelly fish named Jelly. It was splashy and totally fun! We can’t wait to go back.

Bean: My best friend is Bella. She’s very brave and adventurous. Who’s your best friend (besides Pete) and what do you like best about them?

Chloe Pink: I’m so glad you have a wonderful friend in Bella. Besides Pete, I also have another special friend. Maybe you’ve seen her in my third activity book – The Chloe Pink and Brooklyn Doodle & Dream Coloring Book.

Bean: To me, the most important thing in life is being kind, even when it’s hard. What do you think is the most important thing in life?

Chloe Pink: Oh yes! Kindness is very important, Bean! To me, the most important thing is for every girl to listen to her own heart, to not “follow” the crowd, and to be herself. It’s hard to do because we all want to be liked by others. But doing what matters to you is what makes life rewarding and meaningful. And if you have just one friend like Pete who supports you as you follow your dreams, then you’ve got it made, Bean! You know what I mean?

Bean: I do! Thanks a lot for talking to me today! If people want to learn more about you, what should they do?

Chloe Pink: They can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I would love that! And I’ll follow back for sure! Yay!

They can also check out Chloe Pink’s coloring and activity books for girls on Amazon.



Thanks to Chloe Pink creator Sharna Fulton for playing along. If you’d like Bean to interview your character, let us know in the comments or get in touch on Twitter.

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