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Thanks for your interest in Bean in the Garden! The purpose of this media kit is to provide you with the information and resources you need to complete your piece about our series.

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About Bean in the Garden

Bean in the Garden is a series of delightful, lighthearted picture books and videos aimed at teaching children how to be brave and kind in everyday life.

Our typical readers range in age from 3 to 8, but children of all ages enjoy the whimsical characters and their sweet adventures.

The Stories

Each story in the series follows Bean and his friends as they set off on a different adventure: hiking through the Wildflower Forest, taking up a new hobby, or earning the all-important camping badge! Along the way, they learn everyday lessons about how to be good friends and help others in need.

Why Bean Matters

We believe that children intuitively understand fundamental principles like kindness, courage and honesty. Through our books, videos, and games, we hope to foster these principles in children and families around the world.

Editorial Reviews

Reader Reviews

“This book reads well out loud, the pictures are adorable, and it’s just long enough to hold the attention of younger children. I anticipate there will be a lot of ‘Read it again!’ requests for parents, and, thankfully, reading it again will be enjoyable.”

“What a delightful children’s book! The illustrations are adorable, and Bean is completely endearing. A gentle tale that is sure to please children. They’re going to have fun figuring out what happened to Bean’s things before he does.”

“Light, creative, cheerful!!! Bean in the Garden has everything it takes to not only become a great Children’s series, but a family classic as well.”

“Bean Takes a Walk was such a fun read for me and my little one! Perfect for kids of all ages. We both enjoyed the beautiful illustrations and the story of Bean’s adventure through the wildflower forest. We can’t wait to read more of Bean’s adventures!!”

“I love this book. The story is simple enough for the youngest but complex enough for an adult to enjoy it too. The pictures are bright and captivating and lovingly illustrate the story. The cuteness factor is great overall too.”

“A lovely book about friendship and adventure. Perfect for reading aloud or for early readers. The illustrations are gorgeous. Highly recommend!”

Author Bios

Ann Bevans

Ann Bevans is a writer, explorer, gym rat and pizza aficionado.

When she isn’t stuffing words into the mouths of anthropomorphic vegetables, she writes fiction and creative non-fiction for teens and adults. She does all her own stunts.

Ann lives in Clarksburg, Maryland, with her husband, Dave, and their son, Sam.

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Matthew Ethan Gray

Matthew Ethan Gray is a graphic designer, artist, writer, photographer and filmmaker.

He has greedily snatched all the art awards since second grade. So if you didn’t get one, he’s probably the reason why.

Matt lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his wife and two children.

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Sample Q&A

This sample Q&A with Ann Bevans may be quoted or used in its entirety in your piece.

What was the inspiration for Bean in the Garden?

Matt originated the idea of a children’s series about a bean walking across a garden. As we explored it further, we realized that Bean could be an aspirational character for young children, and we could use him to teach kids about acceptance, kindness and friendship. These are lessons we’re both trying to instill in our own children, so it felt right to do it in the series. Before we knew it, we had a whole town full of veggie people!

The story is about sharing, making friends, and being kind: great messages for preschoolers. In such a short book, how did you balance storytelling with the delivery of those messages?

We try to keep it lighthearted and fun. We want kids to engage first and foremost with the characters and the story. The lessons are baked in, but there’s nothing preachy about it. I believe that kids have an intuitive understanding of fairness and kindness, so it’s easy for them to grasp these concepts!

Your co-creator, Matthew Ethan Gray, is also the series’ illustrator. What is that collaboration like?

Matt is just ridiculously good. It’s an honor to work with him. We’ve been working together for almost 10 years on website and logo design, so we know each other well. Even so, this was a brand new adventure for us! It’s been really fun figuring out all the characters and how the different scenes might look.

In Bean Takes a Walk, Bean takes three toys on his adventure. One of them is The Amazing Pickle #1 comic. Why did you choose these items?

We wanted things that would be simple and identifiable to kids – the kinds of things they might have in their own backpacks! As for the Amazing Pickle – well there might be some special superhero adventures in Bean’s future!

What’s next for Bean in the Garden?

There are so many characters to explore in our little world! Coming up, you can expect more stories about Bean’s family and his best friend, Bella.

Ann introduces some attentive fourth graders to Mrs. Berg!

School Visits

Bean in the Garden co-creator Ann Bevans regularly visits schools across the country live and by Skype. During her interactive presentations, Ann shares stories and talks with students about the ins and outs of storytelling and book publishing.

Visit our School Visits page for more information about this free program.

What Teachers Are Saying…

“When we were working on our books the day after your presentation, my students made references to the examples you shared about Bean in the Garden. Some of my students wanted to name their characters and give them more ‘personality!'”

—Stacy Fort (2nd Grade)

“The visit was totally engaging and entertaining. You sparked their interest and kept them involved throughout the entire presentation.”

—Heather LaDuca (5th Grade)


Please download this official artwork for use in your story.



Bean Takes a Walk (Book 1)
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Bean Floats a Boat (Book 2)
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Bean Meets the Sasquash (Book 3)
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Bean Has a Birthday (Book 4)
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Bean Draws a Flower (Book 5)
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Contact Information

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