Meet the Characters

Welcome to the Garden, home to all kinds of new friends. Join in the adventure!


Bean is an inquisitive adventurer, quick to make friends and always looking to learn about the world. On his own and as a member of the Sprouts, Bean loves to explore the far reaches of the Garden.


Bella is a fearless explorer and Bean’s best friend. She’s protective, honest, and loyal, and she can’t wait to try new things!


The Peas

The peas are triplets – two boys and a girl – but good luck telling them apart! They don’t say much, but they’re always ready to jump in and help.


Red is Bean’s little sister. She’s eager to join in Bean’s fun, but she’s always getting into trouble, so Bean has to keep a close eye on her!


Mom loves that Bean and Red are always having adventures and making their own discoveries. They know they can always come home to her great hugs!


As leader of the Sprouts, Dad always has good advice for his friends in the Garden.

Mrs. Berg

Mrs. Berg is Bean’s neighbor. She’s always making tea or piddling in her rock garden. Bean likes to help her do chores around her stump.

Miss Tots

Miss Tots teaches Bean’s class at the Garden School. She lives all the way on the other side of the Wildflower Forest! She and Mrs. Berg like to trade rocks for their rock gardens.

Mr. Zooks

Mr. Zooks is the kind of neighbor who’s always yelling at kids to get off his lawn. And if your baseball flies into his yard, it’s gone for good. Each afternoon, he can be found sailing his remote control boat around the lake.


Murray lives on his own in the Wildflower Forest. Some people in the Garden are afraid of him and call him ‘Sasquash’ because he’s so big. But Bean and his friends won’t let that stand! They welcome him into their troop as the newest Sprout.


Bean’s classmate and fellow Sprout, Brussel is a grumpy fellow! He likes to stir up trouble everywhere he goes, but he usually ends up enjoying himself in the end.