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Prewriting is an important part of the writing process, whether you’re creating one story or a whole world!

There are lots of ways to do prewriting. For example, you can use outlining, storyboarding, diagramming or a combination of all three!

One tool I like to use when planning my books is a story organizer. Using a story organizer helps me make sure I’m thinking about all the important parts of my story.

Download the story organizer

A story organizer can be used to plan the characters, setting, problems and solutions for your story.


An interesting story starts with interesting characters. Interesting characters are characters that have lots of details.  Here are some examples of character details:

  • Miss Tots collects rocks for her rock garden
  • Mrs. Berg likes chamomile tea
  • The peas don’t talk
  • Bean likes to go on adventures


Once you have interesting characters, put them in an interesting or unusual setting. Remember, an interesting setting is a setting that has lots of details. For example, here are some details about the Wildflower Forest:

  • It has purple flowers
  • It also has dandelions, buttercups and daisies
  • All the flowers are very tall
  • The flowers have stems that are big like tree trunks
  • There is a path that winds through the forest


It’s your job as an author to give your characters problems. A story without problems is boring. Give your characters the biggest problems you can, but make sure they’re solvable! Here are some examples of story problems:

  • Mrs. Berg is out of tea for her new teapot
  • Bean loses his toys without realizing it
  • Bean and the Peas can’t communicate


The point of your story is for the characters to solve the problems you gave them. Make sure you give your characters the ability to solve their problems, and don’t leave any problem unsolved. Some story solutions are:

  • Bean goes on an adventure to fetch Mrs. Berg some tea
  • The Peas help Bean by collecting his things and giving them back to him
  • The Peas keep trying to communicate with Bean until he understands them

Using a story organizer during prewriting to is a fun way to plan a cool story!

As always, KEEP WRITING!

Download the story organizer

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