School Visits

Invite Ann Bevans to your school for a fun, educational visit! Read on to learn more:

What happens during a school visit?

Each visit is tailored to a particular school and age group. For example:

  • Preschool and early elementary groups enjoy a lively reading of one or more Bean books
  • Presentations to late elementary and middle school students may include a discussion of the writing, illustration and publication process
  • High school and college students are often interested in the marketing and social media aspects of independent publishing

We’ll work with you to provide the right content for your group, based on your curriculum and student interests.

This short video, produced by Baltimore County Public Schools, shows Ann in action (along with some very smart kids)!

Author visit Ann Bevans from Baltimore County Public Schools on Vimeo.

How many students can participate?

Story-time events work best with small groups (15 students or less). That way, everyone can hear and see the illustrations. However, we can also do readings and talks for larger groups with appropriate sound amplification and video projection.

If scheduling allows, we’re happy to repeat our presentation for multiple small classes or groups.

Is my school in your area?

Ann’s home base is Clarksburg, Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington, DC. She regularly travels throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Skype visits are also available.

Do you have a fee?

There’s no fee for Skype visits or in-person visits within the Mid-Atlantic region. We’re happy to arrange visits outside of this area, but ask that our hosts cover any travel costs.

What can we expect before the visit?

Once the details of your visit are confirmed, we’ll send you a pre-order form to distribute to your students. The pre-order form will include information about the event and will allow students or parents to order books for delivery on the day of the event.

We ask that you collect the pre-order forms and payments and provide us with a final order count two weeks before your event. Books ordered after this date cannot be guaranteed.

If our presentation requires video projection, we will provide a PowerPoint presentation in advance.

What can we expect on the day of your visit?

Ann will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the first presentation so she can meet the staff and get acclimated.

She will come bearing the books your students ordered, packaged and organized by name and/or teacher. It will be up to you to distribute the books to students following the event.

We will also provide you with postcards or flyers to send home with students in case they’d like to order more books, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or explore the website after our visit.

What do teachers think of all this?

Here’s what teachers are saying about Ann’s school visits:

“When we were working on our books the day after your presentation, my students made references to the examples you shared about Bean in the Garden. Some of my students wanted to name their characters and give them more ‘personality!’”

—Stacy Fort (2nd Grade)

“The visit was totally engaging and entertaining. You sparked their interest and kept them involved throughout the entire presentation.”

—Heather LaDuca (5th Grade)

“You did a wonderful job presenting to my third grade class about the writing and illustrating process. You encouraged them to write about anything and everything. We made writers’ notebooks and they are exploring being an author inside them. They are all writing like crazy now! Thank you Ann!”

—Heather Kelly (3rd Grade)

Sounds awesome! How do we sign up?

Interested in a school visit? Please complete the following form:
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