The Importance of Reviews
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Did you know that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?

When I came across this stat, it kind of blew my mind. How far we’ve come in just a few short years!

The Power of Referrals

Referrals are nothing new. In fact, entrepreneurs know that referrals are the key to a successful business. As a freelance web developer, 98% of my business came from referrals. And there was nothing as wonderful as a phone call from a stranger that started with these magical words: “My friend told me I need your help…” As many times as it happened, it was always unexpected and delightful!

The difference is, now you can provide a referral to someone you’ve never even met, and they will most likely trust you as much as they trust someone they’ve known their whole lives!

My personal experience tells me this is true. Dave and I never go to a restaurant without consulting TripAdvisor, especially when we’re visiting a new city. I relied heavily on online reviews while planning my bucket-list trip to Roswell, New Mexico last year (which is how I ended up booking a tour with the coolest person I’ve ever met, UFO researcher Dennis Balthaser).

When Online Reviews Work

A personal recommendation carries weight because of your relationship with the person who’s providing the referral. The equivalent in online reviews is volume. You may not be swayed by one or two reviews, but once the number of reviews reaches critical mass, you can confidently crowdsource where to go to dinner. Remarkably, I’ve never had a bad meal.

(Except in Carlsbad. Because let’s be honest. There are no good restaurants in Carlsbad.)

This puts creatives in the awkward position of having to ask for reviews literally all the time. It’s not fun, but it has to be done, since you need a critical mass of reviews to convince others to come to your show or buy your book or drop actual dollars on a print.

For writers in particular, Amazon reviews are the holy grail. They make a huge difference to your book’s discoverability and can catapult you into the next level in terms of sales.

The Big Ask

So here it is: my big ask. Would you consider leaving reviews for one or more of our books? It will make a huge difference for us, and as you now know, it may actually help us bring Bean to a whole new group of readers. Your review really does make a difference!

To leave us a review on Amazon, click below. And thank you!

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