Wilson Wims School Visit – Recap
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That’s me, introducing a throng of fourth graders to Mrs. Berg.

Matt and I created Bean in the Garden because we love delighting kids. That’s why it’s always such a special treat when I get to visit a school and share Bean with the students.

This week, I spent two whole days with the students at Wilson Wims Elementary School in Clarksburg, Maryland. All 1100 of them!

This bustling school is exactly the kind of place I feel most energized about Bean in the Garden, and I got more and more excited as the classes rotated through my presentation in Wims’ “Wimsical” library, helmed by the amazing and extremely organized Mrs. Allaire!

I started off each presentation by introducing the kids to the characters from the Garden—in the form of real life veggies procured from the local Harris Teeter! They loved identifying the vegetables, then hearing lots of details about the related characters.

After we read Bean Takes a Walk, students helped me record what they remembered on a story organizer, and we talked about how to make stories interesting and memorable.

At the end of the presentation, I entertained questions, and boy did they have good ones! They asked me about why I wanted to be an author, what it’s like to put the books together, and even if I planned to make a Bean book for older kids one day! They also had a ton of ideas for new Bean books, many of which were so good they might make their way into the series!

I loved meeting the kids at Wilson Wims, and I look forward to many more rewarding school visits in the future.

For more information about inviting Bean to your school, check out our school visits page.


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