Sneak Peek: Bean Floats a Boat
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It’s almost time for Bean’s next adventure, Bean Floats a Boat! You’ve come to the right place to get the skinny on book 2!

All About Bean Floats a Boat

Cover-Bean02In book 2 of the Bean in the Garden series, we meet Bean’s neighbor, Mr. Zooks.

Mr. Zooks is the kind of neighbor who likes to tell kids to stay off his lawn. And if your baseball or your Frisbee lands in his yard, it’s gone for good!

Even though Bean is a little scared of Mr. Zooks, he’s intrigued when he sees the old man sailing a remote-control boat around the pond. Bean wants to play, but Mr. Zooks tells him to go away.

That night, Bean tells his father all about Mr. Zooks’ remote control boat, and in the morning, Dad gives Bean a boat of his own!

What will Mr. Zooks think when he sees Bean’s new boat? Will Bean’s grit and determination to try something new win over the grumpy old man, and even help Bean make a new friend? Tune in to find out!

Coming soon!

Bean Floats a Boat will be available on Amazon and on starting October 11.

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